April 30, 2020
Dear North Star Marines,
Thank you so very much for the donation of Face Masks to the Hastings Veterans Home. Your donation was a wonderful treat. In this time of the unknown your support is very welcomed. You can not imagine the level of stress that is on our veterans. They are having a very hard time being cooped up and having fewer and fewer activities that are allowed because of social distancing. Your donation makes it easier for them to be with other veterans and staff and remain safe. Thank you so much!
The Hastings Veterans Home is the home of 126 veterans with medical needs. Our staff also manages the DOMs in Minneapolis that has 50 veterans. We specialize with those who are suffering from PTSD and other adult onset mental illnesses, with the chemical dependencies that often accompany these situations. We also have blind vets, double amputees, cancer patients and many more situations. We have a caring staff who works diligently to reach every veteran. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you again for all your help.

Hastings Veterans Home Nurses wearing donated protective gear
Donated protective gear for Hastings Veterans Home nursing staff

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